I have been in America for about two weeks now, and it took me 5 days to get myself back together, so I thought to do a post on things you need to get yourself prepared for before you pack your bags to come to America  – that is if you have not been to America before.

1. America is a really big country. Some states are bigger than Nigeria itself, so it would be difficult to go round the country in a short period of time.

2. If you would like to visit more than one state during your travel, make sure you choose a state that has other states close by, or choose a house in the suburbs where it would be easier to travel from one state to another.

3. I do not think you can get yourself prepared for the jet-lag, especially if you are coming from a country like Nigeria that is 5-8 hours ahead of America. So just try to get enough rest like I did.

4. So America can be really boring if you do not have someone to show you around, so make sure to holla to your family and friends that live close by the state you are travelling to or post on Instagram like I did, and meet new cool people that would love to show you around.

5.  Try to reduce the amount of connecting flights you have to reduce stress on yourself. I took three flights to get to my final destination in America, and it was really hectic!

….it is supposed to be summer in America right now, but I’d say the WEATHER HAS MIXED FEELINGS (lmao), it is really cold sometimes (at least for my Nigerian skin), and it gets warm at times, so be warned and come prepared for both weathers in Summer.

As for transportation, for now, I think travelling by train is relatively cheap within the state, I would confirm and maybe put up a different post and video about that if that is something you would be interested in. Do let me know in the comment section below.

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