What would you do if you heard that a gorilla potentially generates $400,000,000 revenue for a country? Just Gorilla!

….well, you just heard it! And that country is Rwanda. I really want to know what you think. Rwanda mostly trades off their tourism industry ( the mountain gorillas, the history, and the coffee). For thousands of years, Nigeria has been sitting on a land of milk and honey and all we do is drown in oil, while other aspects of the country stares at us in dismay and silence at our ignorance.

I did a little calculation on Rwanda’s potential revenue on Tourism, and when I was done, I was in pain for Nigeria. We have the natural/renewable resources, we have the animals (that some are killing to prove their strength or to eat – elephants), we have rich cultures, we have mountains, water falls and  beautiful destinations (both the discovered and the ones that are yet to be discovered), we have them ALL!

I really see a boom in Nigeria’s economy if tourism is well harnessed as it is in other African countries, not to talk of Dubai. Tourism, Agriculture, and Technology is what Nigeria should be investing in now, because that is the future.

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