I wrote a list of “VISA FREE” countries for Nigerians to visit in my previous post (CLICK HERE to read it), and Tanzania was one of them, but to my biggest surprise they broke the internet with news that Nigeria and some other countries has been removed from their “visa on arrival list”.

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This simply means that all Nigerian travellers will have to apply for a Tanzanian tourist visa at the Embassy or have the Tanzanian host apply for them. Applicants are expected to submit the following, in addition to the processing fee, to the Tanzanian Embassy in ABUJA!:

  • Two recent passport photographs
  • An international passport that is valid for at least 6 months from date of application
  • An introduction letter from your employer
  • Reservation details
  • An invitation letter if you have been invited by someone

It is sad that this had to to be done, and I am still researching as to the reason behind this.

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