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Fisayo Olayinka-Bello is an award-winning travel blogger, tourism development advocate, podcast host, big dreamer, teacher teaching travel blogging courses, and an innovator who thrives at the intersection of tourism, technology and advocacy.

Through my tourism development advisory, travel tips and travel guide, I am advancing a movement of travel change makers and Africa travel enthusiasts.

I help travel brands and  travel bloggers, start and grow a sustainable travel business online. I also develop sustainable marketing strategies and campaigns for travel destinations, tourism boards and tourism organizations in Africa.

My vision is to change “The African Narrative”, this passion was birthed when I got tired of the pictures painted of Africa by the main stream international media, “Africa is not a country” I said.

“Africa is rich in a lot of resources, culture, and beautiful travel destinations that is yet to be explored”, “Africa is a safe place to visit and not a jungle”. 

This led me to start writing articles on my site featuring beautiful destinations to visit in Africa while including development plans for the improvement of eco tourism and other forms of tourism that would lead to a positive impact on each Country’s GDP in Africa.

My write-ups on thefisayo.com and my YouTube videos have brought me much acclaim, I got featured on: PUNCH, Channels TV, THENET, TVC, STV, PLUSE, and more.

Within 3 years of writing, I has been nominated for several awards.

I see myself as a big dreamer and I believe everyone should also dream big while confronting limitations, this has led me to launch a podcast named THE BIG DREAMER.

Being a Covenant University Alum and former campus ambassador for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, I am an innovator, and problem solver who leverage my background in marketing, human resource management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

I have worked on several tourism projects with Kenya Tourism Board, Uganda Tourism Board, Akwa-Ibom Tourism Board, Lagos State Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and many more to strategize the promotion of tourism in the state. She is a starter and she is a doer.

2020 Goal

One of my goals for 2020 is to add value to other people's lives based on the knowledge I have gathered as a travel blogger over three years. One of which is how I land sponsored trips and travel for free - among others. For more information on this check out the travel courses I am offering.

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