This is the second google event in Nigeria after Sundar Pichai’s visit to Nigeria last year. You might wonder why the sudden interest in Nigeria??? We all wondered the same. Well, it happens that inspite of the large population in Nigeria, we also seem to have the largest number of mobile phone users in THE WORLD!!! For Sundar and his team, this screams MARKET!

So google, likewise Facebook, has come to establish a ground here, to probably understand our needs better, while improving on tools that can better satisfy us, which is one of the reasons why they launched the “google wifi”, which I must say was very fast and easy to use, needless I say that it was FREE!

It is in their plan to help Nigerians have easy access to the internet so we can get things done easier and faster. So, amongst all the new products and tools they announced to us during the sessions, the FREE WIFI seems to stand out has the best news, and this would make other internet providers in Nigeria up their game. Way to go GOOGLE!

Below are the major highlights and “low lights” of the event:

  • The crowd control was poor on the first day and it got better the next day. Meanwhile, I was not too pleased with the way people were being treated by security officials and the organizers, in most cases, they were rude with the way they addressed people.
  • One of my major highlights was meeting wonderful YouTubers and creators, both new and old! It was like a reunion!
  • I really loved the aesthetics of the google play ground, and I’d give them a big thumps up for the whole thing, it was traditionally modern! I need to know who designed and decorated the play ground, the person did a good job, and you can tell it was well thought through, especially with the fusion of the Lagos life into the play ground by bringing in a keke and bike.
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  • Other new tools were announced at the “publishers” master class which was on the first day, and the “Youtube” Master class which was on the 2nd day, one of which is “Youtube Go” this is supposed to help Nigerians save data while using YouTube!

Watch the part of the YouTube master class I was able to stream below:

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“What do you think about the google wifi?”