The announcement of the newly launched Nigeria’s National carrier “Nigerian Air” took the world by storm… At least a few people that did not see this coming, I for one did not see this coming, and I can not tell if this is here to stay or not, but I’d rather just watch the space.

Meanwhile, after seeing its launch on the 18th of July, I went to twitter and my other social media accounts to ask people what they taught about this new developments, and this is what they had to say;

Apart from the fact that most of these comments were funny, I could not help but think of this as another political strategy for the upcoming elections. Although, in the midst of all this, I do hope they do things right and think of the lives that would be flying on the plane when they begin operation on the 19th of December. And as always, the message I keep preaching is “excellence“, let that be their watch word.

Do you also think it is a political scheme?

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“Let excellence be your watch word.”

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