It was a hot afternoon, walking through the streets of Washington D.C. with other tourist and I kept yearning to get to the WHITE HOUSE. We initially walked through the back of the white house, this I remember was a very unclear view from the view I wanted. While moving forward to get a closer view of the White house to get that Instagram banging picture we were stopped by some police men (the po po, lol), we were told not to move any closer, I was disappointed.

This was disappointing mostly because I did not get the VIEW I wanted, and I thought to myself, “I see people post pictures of themselves with the GREAT WHITE HOUSE VIEW“, so I yearned to search for the view while ignoring what others were saying about that being the font view of the WHITE HOUSE.

So I began the hustle to find the best view of the WHITE HOUSE. While on this journey, I saw a lot of beautiful buildings and monuments that expresses the history of America, here is one;

So after walking for  45 minuets under the hot sun I finally found the perfect view of the WHITE HOUSE, the view I see always online, it was a beautiful view, and I WAS SUPER EXCITED even though I called brother Trump to come and greet me outside but he didn’t. I sha told him that he should invite me in next time and introduce me to his Minister of Tourism and let’s talk business.


Lol, you are right, the last part did not happen, but it will soon. The excitement you see up there is what happens to you when you finally get what you want. Nevertheless, it was a fun day in Washington D.C. I would write more about the places you can visit in the city in my next post, but you can definitely get to see more pictures on my Instagram.

Put your hands in the hair if nothing can stop you from getting that PERFECT INSTAGRAM PICTURE.

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