Delphine Okobah popularly known as “The Delphinator” is a playful, whimsical, and creative Nigerian YouTuber . She is a movie buff, people person, extroverted introvert and above all else, lover of Coke (not the narcotic). She has a background in Architecture, and it’s no surprise that she’s been exposed to various forms of lifestyle, art and human interaction. This potent mixture has influenced her interest in Content Creation (YouTubing) TV and Red Carpet Hosting, Event Compering and Graphic Design. And her journey so far is fueled by her desire to find creative expression where all three interests are in harmony.

I thought it would be great for you to hear from this multi-layered media mogul speaking about her journey. I hope you enjoy this interview and get inspired;

 Question: What inspired the name “The Delphinator TV”?

Answer: I was great at physics in secondary school, especially the motors and generators topic. A classmate of mine coined the name from “generator”.

Question: What exactly do you do for a living?

Answer: I’m a creative entrepreneur, some of what I do includes: content creation (video production), graphic design and broadcasting.

Question: Why do you do it?

Answer: I enjoy it!

Question: How did you start?

Answer: Pretty much stumbled into Media while I was in the University. I was spotted at a modeling competition by a TV producer who invited me for an audition at Soundcity. Now here we are.

Question: What inspires the videos you create?

Answer:  I currently run a review/ lifestyle Vlog YouTube channel, I’d say my videos are inspired by what I see on TV and my everyday life.

Question: What is the best part of being a You-tuber?

Answer:  Having a platform to broadcast myself plus the incredible people I’ve met off YouTube!

Question: Who are your mentors?

Answer: I have mentors for different aspects of my life but since we’re talking YouTube, I’d say Peter McKinnon, Casey Niestat, MKBHD and Chris Stuckmann.

Question: How did you cope with your brand at the beginning when you quit your job? Was it easy?

Answer: It was tough finding my bearing. I’d gone for a ton of auditions in search for a steady TV job before I settled into the idea of broadcasting myself on YouTube.

Answer: Did you have to deal with financial insecurity as opposed to financial security with a 9 – 5? If so, how did you handle it?

Question: Of course. But I survived off of the other skills I had while building my channel. Proceeds from graphic design sustained me.

Question:  What has been the highlight of your journey?

Answer: Definitely hitting the 1,000 subscribers milestone and crossing the 4,000 hour watch time way before the deadline.

Question: Describe your job in one word

Answer: Satisfying.

Question: Do you plan to start a creative academy or anything of sort?

Answer: Keep your eyes peeled.

Question: What should we expect from The Delphinator Tv in 5 years

Answer: I intend to run a full scale production company and consult on large scale film projects.

Question: What is your encouragement to every upcoming You-tuber

Answer: Don’t focus on the money when starting out. Do the work, stay curious, stay passionate. The money will come with time.

Instagram: @thedelphinator

Twitter: @thedelphinator

Youtube: Thedelphinatortv


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“Having a platform to broadcast myself is the best part of being a YouTuber”