#Lagosseries 5 places to visit in Lagos

#Lagosseries 5 places to visit in Lagos

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]agos, the city of Excellence. I thought it was high time I did a write-up on the beautiful city called Lagos! Let’s chill on the “Ogbodoyinbo” reviews for a minute, and lets do “tin-wan-tin-wa”, (you know if you know) LOL! Well, I feel this post will help those who are thinking of traveling to Lagos either from other states within nigeria or other countries within and outside Africa! This weekend is also going to be a long one, thanks to the long holiday ahead. Hence the value of this post, is to help reduce boredom at home! So the thing is, I have always thought of doing a post on Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, but the truth is if I really want to get into the depths of it all, and truly deliver value and achieve contentment on this, I wouldn’t be able to write it all up in one post, therefore I would be doing a series on Lagos.

The first thing to note is that, Lagos is divided into the mainland and the island, and Lagos used to be the capital of Nigeria when Nigeria still had twelve states. The island is an extension of Lagos state, done through dredging Atlantic Ocean. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m from Lagos State, (even though I get into debates for “claiming” to be a Lagosian), and I’m a #PROUDLAGOSIAN. I also have to pitch this in, it might not relate to this post, but perhaps you do not know anything about Nigeria, know this, NIGERIA HAS THE BEST JOLLOF RICE!

Now, below are in my opinion, and in the opinions of the few others I consulted, the 5 must VISIT places in Lagos! I have distinguished 5 different frolics, to provide varieties of ideas…

  1. Lekki Leisure Lake

I have been to 5 different beach in Lagos, but my experience at Leisure Lake surpasses the others, and this was because of the fun activities I indulged myself in this day. As at that time, the gate fee was ₦1,000, of which I do not think the prices have changed. I went there this very day with my family, and I went on the zip line, and boungie jump, the only thing I left out was the car race, and maybe horse riding, but the other two were exhilarating!

Apart from these activities, if you want a good beach experience you should try it out, unlike the other beach I have been to, Lekki leisure has less crowd, which gives space to appreciate nature more, and you’d get enjoy the tranquility also.


  1. Ikoyi club

Being that I have been to Ikoyi club twice, “by invitation”, as a young teenager, and this is because I’m not a member, but after I consulted a few people to recommend the one place to visit in Lagos, this came up, the reason it this; Ikoyi club has a very relaxed environment, with VERY CHEAP FOOD, and it is filled with so many activities like swimming, snooker, golf, and more! Although I think you have to be a member to enjoy all these benefits, you can contact them to find out more. (Thank you Dumebi!)

  1. Hard Rock Café

I have to go to Hard Rock Café! The reason is that, this is the most talked about place to visit from my quick consultation. It is said to have very good customer service, with great scenery, the café also smells good #majorkeyalert (This I have to confirm), and they apparently do not waste time in attending to your order and getting you a table ##MAJOYKEY. It is a great place for TAKING PICTURES, and it is an ideal place to go on a date (wink!),  CLICK THIS LINK TO VISIT THE SITE:  HARD ROCK CAFE 

  (Thank you Ferdinand, Dumebi, & Fifo)

  1. Sailors Lounge

….thinking about it, I have been to sailors lounge before, and it was during day time, I went in with a friend for a quick lunch. A colleague of mine recommended this place, and it was until I saw the pictures online that I remembered I had been there. This was because, I didn’t visit the other side of the lounge which had the lagoon view, and I’m quite sure it would be a lot better if I went there at night. The services were okay, and the food was alright. I do not think I remember anything bad about there service. Although I’d recommend it, if you stay on the island, especially around Lekki Phase 1, it’s a good hangout spot. CLICK THIS LINK TO VISIT THE SITE:  SAILORS LOUNGE

(Thank you Ferdinand)

  1. Omu Resort

Omu resort, from my research, looks like a “perfect fun day kinda place” for both adult and children, and some of their activities are very affordable, the more expensive once are the activities that involve jet ski, Go-Kart, to name a few.  It is a good place to have a fun birthday celebration and a warm get together with the kids. You should absolutely check out the resort’s website for more information. CLICK THIS LINK TO VISIT THE SITE:  OMU RESORT.

Lekki Conservative Park/Centre

I’m adding this last one as an extra. My visit to Lekki conservation center is summed up in the pictures below, also  ANTICIPATE THE VIDEO (my visit to Lekki conversation Park) coming up on my blog soon, so, stay tunnnnnnedd!

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When I get to visit these other places I mentioned that I haven’t visited, I should be able to put up a proper review, so you can gain more insights on these places.

In each Lagos post, I’d also try to give one fascinating fact about Lagos! So here goes the first:

Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, is actually an abbreviation for “Ikorodu & Epe Joint Administration”. It was coined by the colonial masters for ease of administration.


Disclaimer: The contents shared here, are shared based on my personal experiences in Lagos, and a few others, therefore this is not an advert. Also, not everything is 100% accurate due to variance in experiences.

Photo Credit: TheFisayo, Uche, Olaolu, Leke, Bola, Hard Rock Cafe, Omu Resort, Sailor’s Lounge, Ikoyi Club.

Eko oni baje oo (Lagos will flourish ) ” 


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    1. thefisayo

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