5 Top Post on TheFisayo!

5 Top Post on TheFisayo!

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello Lovelies! Below are 5 top posts you dare not miss out on THEFISAYO!
These post have been the most engaging, based on its traction and engagement, which range from “likes”, “comments”, and “views”, ENJOY!

Before I get started, I would like to say that I cannot believe that it is already 6 months since I started blogging!  In all, the experience has been a learning process… Now let’s get right into it!



To top the list was the interview I had with Rotimi #thisismyANDELA. Rotimi was rather hesitant when I first sent him a message on WhatsApp inviting him for an interview, he felt he didn’t  have much to offer. But little did he know that, he would inspire a lot of people with the “little” he thought he had. Although it took a lot of persistence to finally get him on board, due to his “busy schedule”. Thank you again for sharing your “little” story Rotimi!


Next is the skincare routine I shared to help those with OILY SKIN and FACE like mine. For some reason, every other part of my body seems to be either dry or normal but my face! I hope this routine helped a lot of people, and I am still awaiting your feedback. My family and friends are still amazed each time I tell them that the pictures I used were taken by my friend. Yes, I did not get the pictures from a third party site. If you have not read it, you should! You would learn a lot from my oily skin care routine secrets.


I chose to share the story of HOW I started blogging, WHY I started blogging? WHAT it took for me to start? And how the journey has been so far…, on my BIRTHDAY. I find the story really inspiring, even I get inspired each time I read it. Although there was a part I missed out, being the period I felt I got a lot of encouragement from the church. At the time, we had just concluded our yearly EXCELLENCE IN LEADERSHIP conference. The message that year was centered on “DO IT NOW.” As for me I thought most of the message was for me, and it really helped. READ and get inspired!


Fourth on the list, is yet another interview I had with one of the top makeup artist’s in Lagos. This was the very first of its kind on my blog. Prior to this time, I hadn’t interviewed anyone, which had me thinking “this is a good FIRST experience.” It was good working with BEAUTIFIED on this, she had a lot to give and she was ready to give even more. Funny thing, this interview was really quite stressful. If you’re wondering how, normally I conduct my interviews through WHATSAPP, but hers was a bit different, she used a VN (Voice Note/recording) instead to answer my questions. This meant I had to first translate all she said into a notepad before I can type it. This took me about 3 days, cause asides the blog I run, I also work in an organization. Now you understand why I said it was a bit stressful. Nevertheless her story is really encouraging, you should CHECK IT OUT!

10 Days in Dubai 5.           10 DAYS IN DUBAI

This post on “my Dubai experience” is one I will always recommend for everyone and anyone who intends on going to Dubai. You would learn from my experience and plan better for yours. After all the best way to learn is from others! This post is one of the first few posts I had up on my blog when I started, I feel there are different places in Dubai that should be added to one of the WONDERS of the world, (just saying) READ it now!

It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others. – Zen proverb ” 


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