I could not believe the airport at Paris! – Review

I could not believe the airport at Paris! – Review

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Airport, like I said in the – “MY SHORT STAY IN PARIS POST“, the airport is innovative, beautiful and modern. And like I also said in THIS VIDEO on YouTube, I just wish Nigeria’s airport would take cues from airports like this, so we can position ourselves to be among-st the best: Amongst the aesthetically beautiful environment, there are a few things I should point at, so we can administer some of these things into our system in Nigeria.

airport in paris, paris air port, the fisayo, airport review, fisayo

1. Chairs for sleeping:

airport in paris, paris air port,

For someone like me that had a connecting flight with a 4 hours wait, I could use some good rest on a comfortable chair. And this airport had a lot of that. Some of these chairs came with mini tablets attached to it to keep you entertained while waiting. This, I thought was really cool and innovative.

2. Metro:

Because of how big the airport is, there was a train within the airport to transport you from your arrival destination to your departure destination depending on your gate number.

3. Customer service:

So if you are a solo traveler, or if it is your first time in an airport like France’s, you would always find someone to talk to, to clarify one or two things from them, especially in regards to your gate number or departure gate.

3. Free games for children:

There were several FREE games to keep kids and adults entertained, and it was beautifully done!

4. Piano for anyone:

Other items were placed around to keep anyone interested in them entertained. You would see more of these things in my first America VLog.

5. Charging points:

So this is something that is common at Paris and American’s airport. There were alot of charging points/machines strategically positioned at places for people that needed them.

These, amogst many others are the things I suggest we implement when renovating our airport in Nigeria.  What do you think and what is the best airport you have visited?

A full video review of the airport in Paris would be out on my YouTube (TheFisayo).

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