Travel Guide on how to combat Lagos Traffic!!

Travel Guide on how to combat Lagos Traffic!!

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I HAVE GOOD NEWS!! If you are Lagosian (meaning you stay in Lagos for a long period of time for business purposes, or as a resident), this would be a greater news to you!!!

So I am here to announce to you that you no longer have to struggle in Lagos traffic no more!! It has been proven that the fastest way to combat Lagos Traffic is through bikes. But no one wants to be seen on a bike, talk more of on 3rd mainland.

But I am here to give you a twist with some good news. Bikes might be the NEW COOL in Lagos traffic especially if you are going on a Max bike! I just recently discovered, and what they do is that they connect commuters and businesses to safe and affordable motorcycle-taxis on demand.

The funny thing is that has an app like “Uber or Taxify”, being the first okada-hailing app in West-Africa, where you can gain access to motorcycle transportation and delivery services, which I think is really cool!

So what differentiates this bike from the regular bikes you see on the road is the process and the safety measures put in place. MAX recruits, trains and on-boards drivers using psychometric data and other detailed checks, the drivers are even certified and regulated.

When it comes to safety, you do not have to worry much, really! Because most drivers (The MAX Champions) are actively tracked throughout the platform for customer and driver safety, and to ensure the highest quality of service.

I was happy to hear that MAX enforces the use of helmets for both drivers and passengers thus guaranteeing highest safety standards, The MAX platform provides consistent transparent pricing to customers protecting customers and drivers from exploitation.

How to combat Lagos Traffic!! #GUIDETOTHEGIDILIFE, GUIDETOTHEGIDILIFE, How to combat Lagos Traffic, how to get out of traffic in Lagos, easy way to leave Lagos traffic!, max ng,, max bikes, max bikes in lagos

This is one of the best things I have discovered in 2018!

I do not think I have to say too much again! IF YOU ARE NOT CONVINCED MAYBE A VIDEO WILL CONVINCE YOU BETTER! LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW if you want me to show you how easy this works!

And I believe this is the best time for me to start my LAGOS TOUR! Yes! I’ll be your tour guide in Lagos, taking you to be best hangout spots and tourist destinations in LASGIDI! (For more information on that, contact or CLICK HERE TO BOOK A LAGOS TOUR). I asked my twitter audience what they think about this idea, and this is what it came to:

This is really exciting because with this, I no longer have to worry of travel time for my clients/tourist, and we get THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Being that this would give us a good adrenaline drive and a good site of the city.

And the good thing is that is open to tours! IF YOU WANT TO GET A DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST RIDE, USE THIS CODE: Thefisayo11


“See Lagos like you have never seen it before with MAX”


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    1. thefisayo

      Yep yep! Do not forget to use the code: Thefisayo11 to get a discount on your first ride! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

    1. thefisayo

      You are welcome dear, thanks for reading!

  3. Hmm… Not bad ?
    Am not really a fan of bikes but this looks good to try ? Kudos for sharing this information, Fisayo ?

    1. thefisayo

      I’m happy you found this article helpful.

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