The cost of teaching older folks MAKEUP

The cost of teaching older folks MAKEUP

Makeup Class

Fam! My week has been going okay, thank God! I hope yours is also going well. For this 2nd beauty edition, I’d be sharing more about the makeup classes I held last year. I’m sure most people don’t know I take makeup classes, but I recently just started towards the end of 2016. An opportunity came and I held on to it, it was a wonderful experience, I plan to continue this, and take more makeup classes.

The twist to this is that I had a class with both young and old students, like the old women in the class were literally old enough to be my mothers, if not grandmothers. And adult education isn’t an easy one, it really isn’t easy to teach older folks, but God took control.

My Experience on my First Day:

So I was called upon to take a makeup class to empower young girls and women to be financially independent. This was a program hosted for women empowerment. Even though some men found their way into some of the other classes like photography and the rest. Since this was an empowerment program, the students enrolled for free, but the organizers paid myself and the other trainers. (Hey! I’m just being transparent).
I took a friend along with me, we both saw the full class with both young and old people, we initially walked pass the class like it wasn’t supposed to be ours. It was funny though ! It was funny because I was thinking of how I was going to lecture old mamas. She gave me a little encouragement, and we both walked into class.

To my surprise I was given a very warm welcome. And I was happy about it, after starting the class with a word of prayer. Everything when on smoothly, God really helped me with the old women, they were so coordinated, none of them ever acted like they were old enough to be my mother. Its funny how they even called me “aunty”, notwithstanding though, I was very respectful to them, I knew my place as a teacher, and I knew my place as a young lady in their midst, and as a Yoruba girl, I know the place of respect. So, I gave courtesy in action and in words when needed, but still found a way to balance it as they were my students.

The other days:

After the first day, I felt much better, I felt good, and this boosted my morale. I went in the next day looking good for my students, because I was also trying to teach them the morale of dressing well and looking good as a makeup artist. I tried to teach them everything I could to help them excel as a makeup artist, starting from the basics, to the way you dress, and carry yourself, and the way you handle your social media accounts, it was a robust session. At the end of it, I was so happy that they were happy, because they said they learnt a lot.

Lessons to learn:
Initially I was worried of what they would think of me as their teacher, I was worried that the old women will say I’m too young to teach them, and the young ones will say I’m too small in stature (I’m a 5’5 tho). Like different thoughts went through my mind in such short time of looking at the crowd in the class. But I learnt:
1. It is better to try, than not try at all. If you fail at it, you learn from your mistakes and keep improving.
2. Everything gets better when you bring God into the equation.
3. It’s not about your size, it’s about how you carry yourself.
4. Do not over think it.
I know I went there as a tutor, but I also learnt one or two things in their midst


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