Happy New Year | Woman an Asset to the Nation

Happy New Year | Woman an Asset to the Nation

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his it my first post this year, and I just hope it’s not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year! I for one was anticipating this New Year, because this year promises to be great. I was initially going to open my blog the first of January 2017, but I was like, why the wait, its ready, lets show the world what we’ve got! And the responses are truly encouraging, thank you very much guys! God bless you!

This is the first of the books I’ll be reveiwing on my blog, and one of the main reasons I started this blog, is so that I can impact my world in the way that I can, by sharing the books I read, the contents of the trainings and conferences I attend as possible as I can. The first book I’d want share its Titled: “Woman an Asset to the Nation”, written by Nike Adeyemi. Nike Adeyemi is the President of Real Woman Foundation, an organization that brings practical healing to abused and hurting women. She is married to Sam Adeyemi, a renowned motivational speaker and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Center (the home of stars and megastars). 😀

This book deals with the complex issue of womanhood, and it was given to me as a gift, by a friend, it took me a while before I read it. Because I’m still developing my reading habit. Now back to the book, if all men know what God packed into the woman at creation, in fact if the female gender herself understands her full worth, paradise could be regained in every family, in every home, in every city and nation.

It is true that W-O-M-A-N is What-Our-Men-Are-Not.

Points to Ponder: -Nike Adeyemi

Part 1

  • It is in taking our place as women that makes us relevant, not by competing with men. This is how cities and nations, indeed the whole earth can be healed. When we take our place in bringing up children aright, they wont grow up to become armed robbers and criminals.
  • A woman may not have a pulpit as platform for preaching- Dorcas had none, yet she was a blessing to her community. Our cities are waiting for us.
  • Wherever you find yourself as a woman, see yourself as an angel planted there by the Lord. We undermine our capacity when we fail to see the hand of God in what we do and where He leads us per time.
  • As women, our daily prayer as carriers of God’s blessings should be to bless the people we meet each day.
  • Be a woman of vision, a woman going somewhere, and quite a number of people will follow you, then alone can you lead them into their destinies.
  • We must be a blessing by being on the giving end always.
  • It is so important that you humble yourself before everyone you meet along the way, because you won’t know will be the helper of your destiny.
  • It is humility when you agree with the things God has said about you, do not count it as pride

Part 2

  • Inner beauty is what makes you find favour. Esther 2:15
  • Do not let your life be controlled or dominated by other people
  • Understand that everything on this earth, whether they grow out of the earth, or meat from animals, God intended them all to be blessing for you.
  • Identify your ministry, and whether you are a carpenter, a fashion designer, a makeup artist or whatever else, you are doing, make life more comfortable for humanity. Let whatever you do glorify God
  • Obedience to God is the key to fruitfulness and the weapon that silences the devil
  • The proverbs 31 woman had a business approach to her family, read more about it, to learn from her.
  • A lot of women allow themselves to be abused because they don’t even know their purpose in life.

The book also spoke on:

  • Discovering your pearl
  • Profit from virtue
  • God’s promises for children
  • Dreaming big
  • Damning the spirit of fear
  • Gender Struggles

It’s a book that has loaded contents for women, and men too, whom would love to broaden their horizon as to what the Word says about women. If I were to keep writing, I’d practically be writing the book all over again, I therefore recommend this book to every woman out there with inferiority complex, esteem issues, fears of failure, and every woman who wants to know what the word says about them, trying to discover their dreams and purpose on earth.


Love it! Live it! Share it!

“After God is family – Nike Adeyemi” 


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  1. Olawale

    The points you wrote here are powerful. We need our women to read books like this!

    1. thefisayo

      You know this! thank you Wale.

  2. Dairo oluwabiyi

    Nice post

    1. thefisayo

      Thank You Dairo

  3. Amaka Oguike

    I want this book!
    Thanks for sharing a few points from the book.

    1. thefisayo

      Sure, I’m happy to do so. You should get it at a Christian book store, or just come to Daystar

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