[dropcap]B[/dropcap]uzzerbeater is the biggest basket ball tournament in Lagos, which started summer 2016. The second edition held in July, this year at Ndubisi Kanu park Ikeja, Lagos. It is a lovely event for friends and family, packaged with lots of food,fun, and alot of basketball.

This event was “founded” by two young adults named; Adeleke Olayinka-Bello & David Aiyeleso.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image media=”17226″ media_width_percent=”100″][vc_column_text]They are both still in school and they started Buzzerbeater because they wanted to give  today’s youths something positive to do, thereby giving them an avenue to showcase their talents.

Last year, Buzzerbeater got sponsorship from companies like Seypop Limited, Fiyole Development Limited and their family members. While their friends came together and formed a planning committee to help make the event a success, these friends are Alex, Gift, Obinna, and Ayotunde.  Ayotunde helped with the video coverage and social media hype.

This year was a huge success, they had a great turn out, with over 900 attendees, they made this work by making it free for both the teams and the spectators (Nigerians like AWOOF!). This year, the age bracket for the teams was 17 – 23 years. Buzzerbeater did not start as a charity event, but now it is.

There will be more events to come!


Below are a few pictures from the event, if you see your friend here, let him/her know. 🙂

If you would like to know more about buzzer beater please leave your questions in the comment box.

Below are the contact details of the organizers:

David: Instagram (@d_aiye), Twitter (@d_aiye)

Adeleke: Instagram (@its_leke_bello), Twitter (@lk_boss )

Ayotunde: Instagram (@ayotunde_bello), Twitter (@ayor_bello)

Photo credit:

Uche Okwechime (@claire_violette)

Ayotunde Olayinka-Bello (@ayotunde_bello),


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Buzzerbeater’s motto is “bringing light to the dark”


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  1. Tega M-D

    Aye. This event was litty af. Had hella fun at this joint. Shoutout to to the bro Leke?? And all the other organizers. Y’all better not miss the next one

    1. Thank you bro Tega.the.giant

  2. OG

    Second time attending the event and it was much better organised than the first edition. The sky’s the limit.

    1. thefisayo


    2. Amen bro .. Let’s keep the wavy going

  3. Thank you all for coming for buzzerbeater2k17 God bless … We would would too see youvall and more next year ???????

  4. Tobi

    Great turnout Great atmosphere, the event was a success, I’m looking forward to next year.

    1. Thanks for coming ….. See you next year bro

  5. SHÉ

    It was a sick ass event can’t wait for next year tbvh‼️‼️‼️ Keep the flame burning guys

  6. ayo odunsi

    Against all odds this was the best tourney of the summer, big ups to my bro Leke for putting it together.

  7. bobby

    Had so much fun that day, got to meet good people and made memories

    Indeed it was a lit event

  8. Amarachi

    I am so proud of Leke and his friend for putting this event together, even though the venue was changed due to elections, it was still sucessful. You deserve all the respect.

  9. Tomi Adeleke

    I think the remaining basketball events that occurred this summer was dull because they lacked proper planning which buzzer beaters had in excess. Kudos to the organizers

  10. Khalil

    I wasn’t at last year’s edition of buzzer beater but this year with the hype and all the social media buzz they created it seemed quite unwise to miss such an event. I was privileged to be a vendor at the event and I must say it was by far the most organized event I was at this summer. The crowd turn out was mad. And they ensured that everything ran steady. Big ups to you guys leke and David. Can’t wait for next year’s edition.

  11. Sad I couldn’t make it this year

    1. thefisayo

      Make sure you try and make it next year.

  12. Daba samir

    Awesome event….awesome people, and glad I didn’t miss out on it all

    1. thefisayo

      Thanks for coming!

  13. Ezi

    Buzzer beater was so far the best tournament I went to this summer , Good work guys .

    1. Thanks

  14. OG CHIDI

    buzzer beater was a blast ??

  15. Dr_shoks

    Big ups boys!!! Good idea it’s going to be a charity event now..

    1. thefisayo

      Yep, thank you too!

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