Celebrating 1 year Anniversary with TheFisayo!

Celebrating 1 year Anniversary with TheFisayo!

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Merry Belated Christmas & happy boxing day awesomeness! Do you know you made my whole year?! Yes you! You came through on each post I put up each week, by either reading it, sharing it, and even doing the sweetest thing- leaving an encouraging comment! And I want to say a very big thank you!!

Each action you took on my posts has brought us this far… We are 1 year old today! December 26th 2016 was the date I officially launched my blog.

thefisayo, fisayo, the fisayo, bello, fisayo bello, annuversary, boxing day, Christmas day, Nigeria, Campaign, Lagos Nigeria, Nigerian Campaign, Khole, boxing day

I started this blog to inspire people, celebrate our stories from the books I read, to the interviews and inspiring stories of great world changers here in Nigeria, and to promote arts, culture and travels in Nigeria by sharing my travel story, and the stories of others. The whole aim is to inspire people.

Thank you for being part this journey with me in the past one year, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

I thought the best way to share this experience with you, is to invite you to join me on a campaign to share your Nigerian experience with the world! Mostly so you can change the Nigerian narrative (the bad tales being told about Nigeria internationally) also, so we can help promote tourism.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! The campaign is titled “THE NIGERIA EXPERIENCE”. All you need to do is to record a 1 minute video of yourself following the script below, trust me, it does not have to be exact, this is just to guide you;
1. Stand in a beautiful location in your city/state;
2. Start the video with a lovely smile, saying your name, what state you are from, and what state you live in;
3. We want to hear your thoughts and experiences on Nigerian food, fashion, art, Universities, events, shopping, parties, and travels in Nigeria. (Any of these)
4. Tell us about that unique experience you had when you traveled to another state in Nigeria.
5. And if it is your first time in Nigeria, we want to hear about your Nigerian experience.

That is all guys, please ensure your voice is audible enough, and send the video to this email address: campaigns@thefisayo.com.


Our aim is to get video entries from persons in the 36 states of Nigeria, international entries are also welcome.

Campaign partners: Thefisayo &  Ghlic

Thank you, for celebrating with me in my own special way and welcome to the “THE NIGERIA EXPEREINCE” campaign family!

Stay informed through our social media channels @thefisayo @Ghlic_agency
By the way TheFisayo will be happy to receive gifts for her one (1) year celebration oh… lool 🙂

Instagram/Twitter Handles: @Thefisayocampaigns @Ghlic_agency

Photo Credit: Uche Okwechime

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  1. Miebaka

    Happy one year love!

    1. thefisayo

      Thank you darling!

  2. Dr_shoks

    Amazing One fisayo!! This is very inspiring..
    I will most definitely do a video..

    1. thefisayo

      Aww thank you dear!

  3. Mfonobong Willie

    Happy 1st Anniversary TheFisayo. You’re doing amazing. Big ups

    1. thefisayo

      Thank you dear!

  4. chinwengozi udechukwu

    Happy one year dear… more success

    1. thefisayo

      Thank You Chinwe!

  5. Amaka Oguike

    Happy one year anniversary Fissy ??

    1. thefisayo

      Thank you hunnay!!

  6. Happy blogversary dear!
    I’ll most likely do a video oo. My trip to kebbi wasn’t a joke ???
    Have fun and a greater year ahead ??

    1. thefisayo

      Awww, we await the video!!
      Thank hun.

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