Being a Panelist at the Tourism Innovation Development Advantage (TIDA) Conference 2019

Being a Panelist at the Tourism Innovation Development Advantage (TIDA) Conference 2019


You might have come here today to read something innovative about Tourism, I better warn you before it is too late – not today, if you want to read more on that CLICK HERE and HERE to read my previous posts.

Today, I am hoping to inspire someone as I also try to in every of my post, however this time I would be sharing a story.

At the beginning of this year I wrote on my “new year’s resolution” that I wanted to speak at a number of conferences, how it was going to happen I did not know, I just put it up on my list along with so many other things that was beyond me, things that can only happen when God opens the door Himself just like he did this one.

In the spirit of DREAMING BIG, which by the way is the name of my PODCAST- “THE BIG DREAMER“, I wrote being a speaker on the list, 3 months into the year I had not gotten any speaking gotten any speaking gigs. I said maybe it’s because I did not position myself well to be called to be a speaker, or maybe I am not pulling my weight well, because sometimes you have to make known your demands to the world/people before you get it, either aggressively or passively.

But this was none of it, this was purely the Grace of God, I did not have to reach out to nobody, I did not have to sell myself, God’s Grace and my work spoke for itself.

Just two weeks ago, at the end of my podcast I gave some punchlines and I felt so good about myself, so much that I said if any of the listeners is an organiser at TEDx, please note that I would be happy to be speaker at your event. And just two days later I saw called by the founder of TIDA to the a speaker on one of the panels.

All kind of thoughts was rushing through my brain, off course I composed myself really well and said yes I would love to happily, but after the call I kept thinking, did he listen to my podcast, what made him choose me, how did he know I wanted to speak. I do not have answers to any of these questions now but what I can say is that God CAME THROUGH!!

This might sound mundane to you, but it is the little things that matters, it is the little things that build your character, it is the little things you should be thankful for.

I hope this inspires you, do not forget to listen to my podcast; CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE BIG DREAMERS PODCAST.–14-I-want-the-best-for-Nigeria-Ft–TheFisayo-e3pe9g

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