A Comprehensive guide to explore Badagry Beach on Nigeria Independence Day!

A Comprehensive guide to explore Badagry Beach on Nigeria Independence Day!

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Fam! For this year’s Independence day, a number of travel companies in Nigeria have collaborated to package a special ” Badagry Independence Hangout” .

A little Background on Badagry :

Badagry is a coastal town and local government area in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme.  When you begin a discussion on the history of slave trade in Nigeria, hardly will you ever not mention Badagry. This historical site holds the story and the sightings of the brutal treatment of the salves traded by the Europeans.

The site has been developed over the years to preserve it’s history and attract tourists. More specifically, if you want to visit the historical site in Badagry, the two places to search or look out for are: Badagry Heritage Museum and whispering palms Badagry . There you would be taken to the point of no return (there is a back story to that), the first story building, and a few other historical sites.

Badagry Heritage Museum and whispering palms  Badagry

Collaborative Tour highlights

On October 1st 2019, The Badagry Independence hangout will take place in collaboration with, Thefisayo.com, TravelNextDoor, TravCP, TVP Adventures, Bourgietravls, Ajala Travels, Ajala Nene, Irinajo, my hangout buddy and many more- being the first of its kind. The tour will take tourists to well known slave-related sites and museums, including the Badagry Heritage Museum, Mobee Slave Relics Museum, the Seriki Williams Abbass compound (aka Brazillian Barracoon) and the Vlekete Slave Market. Tourists will afterwards cross the lagoon to Gberefu Island and walk the Slavery Route to the Point of No Return.


There will be a central transportation plan for all tourists. Buses will depart from (1) the National Stadium and (2) Ikeja Shopping Mall. The boat will depart from a Jetty at Osborne Phase 2. 

Departure from these location is 8:30 am. At the end of the tour, departure from Badagry will be at 4:00 pm.

The cost also includes: breakfast, lunch and other refreshments. We have made arrangements to prepare vegetarian and vegan meals, kindly include your preference in the booking and send to hello@thefisayo.com for more inquiries.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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