Travel Advisory – How to travel the world for FREE 2020! – Travel Opportunities

Travel Advisory – How to travel the world for FREE 2020! – Travel Opportunities

How to travel the world for FREE 2020!

What I am about to share took me 3 years to figure out and now you are going to be let in on all the juice. I have found the following tips to be the EASIEST way (not the only way) to land a SPONSORED / ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP from Tourism Boards. So get ready to take notes or screenshots.

You would find this more valuable if you fall within these categories; creatives, travel bloggers, travel vloggers, and tour operators. 

1. You must already be a travel blogger/ vlogger. Most preferable – travel blogger (for now). These countries want to be in people faces and they want to rank high on search engines hence the reason for a blogger that would detail all interesting facts about their country.


2. Apply for their travel expos. This is the main HACK guys. If you apply to travel expos as a “HOSTED” media you will get sponsored to their country for the event and other explorations if approved. (Flight, accommodation, tours, food) ALL COVERED. Naso I land Kenya and Uganda

3. Now, I get asked how do I know which event would be offering an “ALL” expense paid trip, so I curated 150+ events every TOURISM stakeholder should attend world wide, while detailing which of the events offers SPONSORED trips. CLICK HERE to see the calendar.

4. You have to be able to communicate the value you would be offering to these TOURISM BOARDS clearly so they know whether you are worth the investment (you don’t need 10k followers). If you are interested in learning how to do so CLICK HERE.

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5. Tour operators, you don’t need to have a blog, you only need to have a company page that shows your track record of all the tours you have done in the past and you need the ability be able to communicate your value proposition to the tourism board to apply. For more, CLICK HERE.

Now that you have this free information, it is your responsibility to pay it forward and share. Share this with any friend of yours that is in the travel space. Or CLICK HERE to retweet the thread on twitter.

I hope you found this valuable.

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