TIDA: The Impact Of Sustainable Tourism Development & Marketing Of Tourism Destinations On Host Communities

TIDA: The Impact Of Sustainable Tourism Development & Marketing Of Tourism Destinations On Host Communities

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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or those who do not know much about the TIDA confrence, CLICK HERE to read my previous article for last year’s edition, this year is going to be even better.

Tourism is a pearl of nations. For that reason, it is something that should be nurtured, preserved and showcased in the best way possible to the world. For this reason, Skyview Communications, a brand development, management and marketing company, and owners of Skyview Destination Management Company, the support of some players in the travel and tourism sector put together an annual tourism conference that showcases and discusses the economic benefits that exist in developing the tourism industry in Nigeria/Africa.

The conference, titled Tourism Innovation & Development Advantage (TIDA) was set up to educate, create jobs and make room for diversification in the tourism industry in the country. Also, the conference analyses the opportunities that abound in the tourist destinations in
Nigeria/Africa and foresees a huge possibility that the Nigerian economy can be developed through the tourism sector.

The conference, which is set for the second edition since the maiden edition in February 2018 is scheduled for April 24, 2019, and will carry the theme, IMPACT OF SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING OF TOURISM DESTINATIONS ON HOST COMMUNITIES.

It is expected that 2019 TIDA will bring better focus to the local assets and the many positive impacts that tourism can bring about in communities in Nigeria. Many host communities of tourism assets have the ability to enjoy the benefits of tourism, if tourism in Nigeria is properly developed and marketed.

Asides the economic advantage of tourism, host communities will enjoy entrepreneurial development in addition to the creation of more employment opportunities, because as sustainable tourism is developed, so will the need for more hands from the host communities to service the asset.

This is not forgetting or trivializing the fact that the promotion of destinations in Nigeria will bring about infrastructural development to manage the traffic that marketing local tourism is bound to create.

In addition, the promotion of the Nigerian culture and her natural resources is a smart, yet innovative way of preserving the culture of the host community because that in itself is a marketable quality and attraction.

Perhaps most importantly, is the fact that a major dividend of sustainable tourism for the host communities is the renewed focus on security. No tourist will want to endanger life and valuables, and because of this, communities with assets and marketable tourism begin to focus on premium security which members of the community would equally benefit
In all, with TIDA promoting sustainable tourism development and marketing of tourism destinations, the perception about Nigeria and Africa as an extension will change and tourism in Nigeria and Africa will become bankable tourism with better impact on host communities.

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