The Beauty of Traveling

The Beauty of Traveling

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I would say I have been traveling for 23 years of my life, but I just became an official traveler over a year ago. I said 23 years because traveling does not always mean taking a flight to another city or country. Travelling is simply moving from one destination to another. What makes us distinct as travel bloggers is the stories we tell about the travels we embark on, and what is beautiful about traveling is that;

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  1. Everyone always has a different story to tell about a place, food or object, we all see things from different perspective.
  2. For people like me that always have to do some research before visiting a place, it is always awesome getting to experience what you have longed for, especially if it is all you hoped for and more.
  3. Travelling gives you the ability to enjoy and experience different cultures. Most times, you would get culture shock at the beginning, but at some point, you would get accustomed to the culture. It is always nice seeing how other cultures are set.
  4. Most of these travel experiences just grooms you as an individual and gives you a broader knowledge on certain topics and ideologies.
  5. You see things differently and you get to enjoy more of life.

Also, when I let it all sink in, I become more thankful to God for all His creations and letting me be a part of it.

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Have you ever experienced culture shock?


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