Making a neck piece with a sponge! | Featuring Beautified

Making a neck piece with a sponge! | Featuring Beautified

So I promised in my earlier post that I’d feature some of beautified’s work on my blog, and I’d be featuring her sponge series today. Yes! Beautified made a neck piece out of the sponge we either use to bath, or wash plates, this is creativity at its peak, that all I should say.

The idea behind this series:

Beautified says..

“I just thought that you can create something out of anything. I’m very adventurous, so I like to play around with anything to see the outcome. For the first sponge series I was given a strong sponge, so I just thought to do a hair fascinator with it, and it came out very beautiful, and I added a Chanel brooch to the fascinator, and it looked amazing.

For the second shoot with the second photographer, I did something related to a neck piece since I already did something related to hair for the first shoot. I neatly plaited three sponge together for a neck piece and it came out so nice, and for the other model I twisted it.

As for me, I think you can make something amazing out of something that doesn’t even make sense. But I believe with one idea you can bring up amazing things using tissue paper, scarfs, bottle cover, anything, and I just feel like Nigerians do not experiment a lot of things.”

With that being said by beautified, I hope this post inspires someone to be creative with anything and everything. Nothing is impossible if you believe it, we tend to be the one limiting our creativity. Do not confine or limit yourself to a routine, expand your mind and your horizon to think bigger than what you see or know. Most of these can be achieved through exposure, and knowledge acquisition; read books, research for things that will help your line of business on the internet. Thank God for how vase google is, any information you want is at your finger tip. And if you can afford it, go on different trainings to nurture your skills.

Oh!, by the way, this is going to be the last feature on my blog this month, I’m open to more applications if you wish for me to feature you on my blog, just make sure your topic aligns with’s focus, which is lifestyle and inspiration. It also has to be of good quality , as I wouldn’t want to share to people what is not of good standard because I prioritize my reader’s comfort. Although this next month will not be for features, I’ll communicate when next I’ll start another series of features, just keep in touch with this blog.

And this is a big shout out to my committed readers, thank you all for your feedback and comments.

God Bless.

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Models: @divamaka, @ms_lisani, @dharmie92

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“You can make something amazing out of something that doesn’t even make sense”


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  1. Wow!!! Is all i can say. This really is creativity at its meal.

    1. thefisayo

      Yep ??

  2. Enele Ogah

    It’s really lovely!!!

    1. thefisayo


  3. Michelle Kurah

    Its beautiful ??????.. i cldn’t tell it was a sponge . ??

    1. thefisayo

      I didn’t even know myself until she mentioned it.
      Thanks dear.

  4. I love!!!

    1. thefisayo

      Thank you dear.

  5. Kaito

    Amazing! Well done hun

    1. thefisayo

      Gracias my darling.

  6. Eden's kitchen

    Innovation at its finest ???

  7. Boma whyte

    Wow!! Creativity at it’s peak!

  8. Amaka Oguike

    Loveeeee! ☺☺?

  9. fadeke


  10. Eniola

    Sponge? Waooo!!! Amazing ????

    1. thefisayo


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