It is said that your environment plays a major part in influencing you which also shapes you. I guess my journey thus far has been based on the environment I have been in, it has helped motivate me to be a change agent.

Being under several teachings of Pastor Samuel Adeyemi has helped nurture my passion for this nation Nigeria (prior to which I wasn’t really able to give direction to), I have also been able to develop my leadership skills through the various platforms provided by Daystar -like DLA (Daystar Leadership Academy), ELC (Excellence in leadership Conference) and a few others. These are yearly events that I try not to miss, the next “Excellence in Leadership Conference” holds in November 2nd -3rd 2017.

Samuel Adeyemi is the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Center. He is a dynamic pastor, teacher, leader and motivational speaker. He is passionate about teaching success, leadership and financial principles through seminars and media. He has a “Success Power Series”, which teaches the secrets to financial, business, and career success.

There is so much to be said about Pastor Sam, and there are so many write ups and contents created about him online, and I had never had a personal encounter/experience with him up until yesterday (Thursday 27th July 2017), which I would say is the highlight of my month. It means so much to me meeting my pastor, role model, & mentor.

This blog is a product of the teachings and the conferences I attend at Daystar, of which I mentioned in the  “How & Why I started blogging” post. If there is any conference I’d recommend, it will be the Excellence in Leadership Conference, I have been able to attend 3 editions out of the 9. Each edition surpasses the previous one with so much insight, wisdom and knowledge to digest on, and prepare one for the next year. Sam Adeyemi is a great leader, and like I said in my  Instagram Post  yesterday, he is a leader by example -he walks the talk, which in my opinion is the best way to teach.

I have learnt from his books that transformation starts from the renewing of your mind. Although, I can’t say I have read half of his books, but know this, you can be the best in what you do if you believe you can, it’s all in the mind; have a positive mindset and a mindset for excellence.

He has a  conference themed “Leadership Edge Conference“, taking place in Chicago by October 21st 2017, for more details, see the picture below, and click HERE to register.

If you’d like to know more about the events h’ll be hosting later this year in Nigeria and worldwide, CLICK HERE. 

CLICK HERE  to read the book review I did on “Woman an asset to the nation” by Nike Adeyemi.

“It is one thing for you to have good technical skills, but without character, you are nothing” – Sam Adeyemi