Extensive travel guide on Diani Beach Resorts in Kenya

Extensive travel guide on Diani Beach Resorts in Kenya

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Diani is located in the South Coast of Kenya. Moving through Diani, you would be greeted by fleets of resorts on each side of the road considering the prime location of the Indian ocean. Diani is a small town of about 10,000 indigenous population living a very simple lifestyle. This mostly includes providing cadres of services to tourists considering that the city has a huge number of tourists from different parts of the world.

While preparing for the upcoming Magical Kenya Travel Expo (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE), I went exploring Kenya with a few other nomads, courtesy of the Magical Kenya Tourism Board. I first started with Diani, and here are a few beach resorts I explored which you should totally try;

1. Swahili Beach Resort:

Swahili beach resort is one of two 5 stars hotels in Diani. This resort felt like heaven on earth. Upon entering the resort, I immediately felt like getting married and coming for my honeymoon in there. The architecture and the aesthetics gave me Morocco, Sudan, and Greece vibes. The resort currently has 140 rooms, 13 executive suites, and it took 10 years to complete the structure of the hotel. 10 years fam!.

Are you looking for the best trip for couples? Swahili beach resort is a perfect destination for weddings, honeymoon, and photo shoots!! 


The room I stayed in had a queen size bed, beautiful lighting system and architecture with small rest areas at the tail end of the room. I also had the option to use a shower or a bath tub in the bath room.  I honestly believe I went on the best trip for couples, except that I enjoyed it alone. More of this would be clear when the full video is uploaded on YouTube.


One thing unique to this hotel is the infinity pool located in the middle/center of the hotel. It is about 300 meters long. I regret not bringing along my swimming suits to swim, it was such a beautiful sight.


I had a good massage at the Swahili Beach spa. You have the options of having a couples’ massage, or a single massage. Mine lasted for 15 minutes as it was only a half body massage.

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2. Nomads Beach Bar & Restaurant

This is a beautiful beach resort in Diani with alot of beach cottages and a number of attractions. I explored my inner acrobatic skills with some acrobat experts at the beach resort. Other things to do at the resorts includes camel rides, picture taking with the Masai tribe, surfing, and more!

Rooms & Facility:

Nomads beach and bar has a number of beautiful rooms for honeymoon guests, as well as a number of interesting quotes on the all walls.

Tusker is a popular beer in Diani

The resort is perfect for guests looking to wake up to a beautiful sunset by the beach site, with a twist of adventure.

Another thing I like about this resort is the details of African prints as decor. I love it!

(From the left): Samuel Getachew, Pamela Amia, Alex Takie, Christine Kinyeru, TheFisayo, Professor Wolfgang Whthome.

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3. Bahari Dhow Villas

This resort also has a long stretch of about 4 pools at the center of the building. The beach is a short walk from any of the villas. Now, each villas have about 3 rooms, a sitting room downstairs, a guest toilet, kitchen and dinning area.

If you are looking for a perfect beach destination with family members or a group of friends, this might just be the perfect hotel for you if you are on a small budget. CLICK HERE to book.

More coming on TravCP soon.

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