23rd UNWTO General Assembly addresses the UNWTO Agenda for Africa

23rd UNWTO General Assembly addresses the UNWTO Agenda for Africa

23rd UNWTO General Assembly lauds Secretary General agenda for Africa unwto

The 23rd UNWTO held at Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. The Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Zurab Pololikashvili reflects on the importance he attaches to global tourism leaders with whom he works.

He mentioned – “The General Assembly reflects the importance of our sector and I look forward to welcoming leaders from around the world and working with them to identify ways tourism can continue to be a global force for good.”

Zurab Pololikashvili and Zarina addressed the media during the 23rd UNWTO General Assembly

Highlights of the report included UNWTO’s partnership with some multinationals, initiation of projects in member states and more importantly how the UNWTO has become financially self-sustaining, growing its cash balance from a precarious position of -780,000 Euros two years ago to 2.4 million Euros now.

The report revealed a number of projects in member states. “The UNWTO Agenda for Africa: tourism for inclusive growth” was one of the region’s greatest takeaways from the General Assembly.

Ringing changes to what used to be the norm at UNWTO General Assemblies, the 23rd session, right from the get-go, was the introduction of the disruptive elements in making it more efficient and bringing real meaning to its mantra of saving the environment by encouraging participation through the UNWTO Event Application.

It was reassuring to see Ministers and senior public and private officials in tourism all using the application. It made decision-making easier and alerts were received 15 minutes to start of an event. You had all session programmed on the application upholding transparency at tourism’s biggest gathering.

The Secretary General’s Report was presented in an electronic format and amendments are made in real time. He remarked that, it will definitely take time for everyone to come along on the digital revolution-taking place at UNWTO but was quick to add of how impressive about the adaptability.

Africa looks forward to welcoming the world to Marrakesh, Morocco who was elected to host the 24th General Assembly.

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