Toast and Sunny Side up

Toast and Sunny Side up

Sunny side up +Toast

Something funny happened, I was going through my twitter TL one morning, and I saw different dishes on display as breakfast. As at then I hadn’t eaten, so the cravings was high up there! I jokingly tweeted “amma go and make this now”. The joke turned into reality and I came out with this!


But it’s funny how people have negative energy, I tweeted the picture of the breakfast I made in comparison with the one I saw, instead of this guy to just humbly say that I tried or something, he went ahead and accused me of lying about me preparing the food. Well I guess I was that good for the guy not to believe I made it!

I had a friend over who was also inspired by the pictures we saw on twitter, so she also made hers, here’s mine (left) and hers(right).

“Part of the secret to success in life, is to eat what you like – Mark Twain” 


Recipe Ingredients for Sunny side up egg with toast

1 large egg

1 tsp oil

Any amount of slices of bread you desire is fine, I use the regular butter bread, but you can use any bread of your choice


How to make it:

Toast: Making toast isn’t difficult, but you have to first have a toaster, and it’s not the sandwich toaster you’d use to achieve this result, instead, you’d use the contemporary toaster, any brand is fine. Just make sure the temperature is just right, so it won’t get the bread burnt, of which if it gets burnt I have a easy hack for that, just in case you run out of bread to use, or you want to avoid wastage.

Sunny Side up: What I do when making my sunny side up egg is, I put in a reasonable amount of oil on a small non-sticky frying pan, and I light on the gas and break my egg in almost immediately.

Some people do not spice there sunny side up eggs, or they just use salt alone. But I add extra spice like grounded pepper, and curry.

Make sure your cooking gas is on low heat, the lowest heat in fact, and cover the frying pan for a while to make it cook inside a little. Later open to check it, if it has the right consistency and so it doesn’t burn. If you followed the steps right, walla! You’d have purrfect sunny side up!

Burnt Bread hack: The burnt bread hack is easy! If you get you bread burnt while toasting, grab a small table  knife and scratch it, it will peel off the burnt layer of the beard, and you’d get your golden brown bread back in no time.

Love it! Share it!

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