Hello lovelies! There’s a lot of catching up to do, I need to know how our Mother’s day went, our new month celebrations has been, and what Prank we played with our loved ones on April fool’s day, I sure wasn’t fooled, it didn’t work, they can try harder next year, haha, and how we celebrated our Easter Friday and Sunday…EVERYTHING!

Happy Easter Monday to every one!

My post today is on depression, this topic has been on my mind for a long time, up until two weekends ago, I was going to dwell on the stories behind depression, but I then went for a women’s conference, which was awesome, I’m too happy I went. As you have grown to know me, I like to share what I learn, so you all can also learn a bit from it, if not all, that is why most times I read books, do a review and recommend the book, so we can all read and grow together, and our country also grows on the long run..

These days, a lot of people are depressed, more than they have ever been, I recently heard though that Nigeria is among the top ten most depressed countries in the world, but before Nigeria on the list are other top countries like USA, Russia, China, etc. In our side of the world, what causes depression is the lack of money among-st other things, what then would we conclude is the cause of the depression in these other top countries?

I’ll share a few stories of some people, stating how they became depressed, and how they overcame it.

Apart from the stories I’d share, I would also share some action points from the women’s conference I recently went for, which I know would encourage a few people as it encouraged me. Depression needs to be uprooted from the lives of people, #whoDepressionEpp?

Below are true stories on how some individuals stepped out of depression, I got them from Desert News:

  1. Kate MacHugh

Kate MacHugh is now 28. She’s an author and clinician.

But she only got to where she is now by overcoming depression as a teenager.

MacHugh said she was “harassed, humiliated and cyberbullied,” during her teenage years, leading her to go from being a happy and vibrant youngster to someone more angry and “sullen.” Once she became a different person, she slowly slipped into the murky waters of depression.

“It was the lowest I have ever felt in my life,” she said to the National.

But everything changed once she went to college. The peers who had put her down and bullied her within the walls of high school were long gone, and she could finally start focusing on what made her unique and special. Instilling confidence in herself was what got her past depression and on a path to success, she said.

“I worked really hard to change the messages in my head,” MacHugh said. “I was led to believe that I was ugly, worthless, and disgusting. I internalized these messages and they became part of my identity. I began to tell myself that I was smart, loved and beautiful.”

   2. Jay Lowder

Jay Lowder overcame depression by finding God.

He was 21 when everything went south. He was dumped, he lost his car and he found himself unemployed all at once. Things began to spiral out of control from there. Depression settled in and Lowder turned to the bottle as a source of escape.

Things took a dark turn for Lowder. But with the help of his roommate, and religion, he overcome his struggle with depression.

He was invited to an event hosted by a preacher, and it was there that he rediscovered his faith in God and religion. It has helped him grow his faith as an evangelist.

He’s looking to spread that message now across the world. He started Jay Lowder Harvest Ministries

 3.  Drew Farnsworth

Drew Farnsworth isn’t very open about his depression, or his attempt at suicide.

When in college 14 years ago, Farnsworth almost died by suicide, But his roommate found him in time, and that’s where everything changed.

He went to college, got a degree and now owns two businesses. He thanks his family and those around him for helping him rise above depression.

“With the help of my family, many therapists, numerous pharmaceuticals, very good habits and a lot of time, I have been able to live a healthy and mostly happy life,” Farnsworth said.

 4. Kim Hardy

Kim Hardy’s depression started when she lost her business.

It was hard losing something she started from the ground up, and it hit her hard. She struggled with depression.

But as a wife and mother, “I had so much to live for,” Hardy said.

So now, Hardy is looking to help others beat depression. She recommends that people focus on themselves, acknowledge their depression and understand what battle they’ll have to wage. Then create a plan to beat it and understand it may be a bit of struggle. Lastly, she advises people to re-evaluate where they are in their own minds and how they think things are going in their life.

“Sometimes that was only 15 minutes to 45 minutes,” Hardy said. “Whatever time I had, I made me a priority. I discovered I loved this time I had to reflect, process and pamper myself. Today, I am a thankful woman.”

For more stories, click here

Stepping out of depression will take a conscious effort of an individual depending on what the situation is, just like Kate decided to change the messages in her head, it will also require having loving friends and family around you, above all is seeking the help of God, Psalm 121:2.

Lessons Learnt from Conference:

  • Mundane things must give way for eternal things
  • Stop being tied down by what someone said years ago,
  • When you are about to step up, and walk in life and purpose, God is going to consume everything that has been blocking you over the years.
  • When there is a stepping up, something has to come to an end for another to begin.
  • People with purpose do not just work with their purpose, they help others with theirs, that’s LOVE
  • When your life is about others, you shall enter into your full inheritance with God.
  • Holy Spirit always gives a strategy, step out of your comfort Zone and let God use you!
  • People become irrelevant when they misjudge their location, misjudge their occasion, their opportunities, and timings or mis-applied judgement.

I recommend the CD/DVD of this program regardless of your gender.


When you are about to step up, and walk in life and purpose, God is going to consume everything that has been blocking you over the years.” 


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