Four things I learnt on the longest canopy walk in AFRICA!

Four things I learnt on the longest canopy walk in AFRICA!

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Like I said on Instagram, I decided to face my fears. Although, I would not really say I am scared of height. It’s just the fear I have gotten from fearful the stories of others. I thought to put a short article together to share with you 4 four things I learnt while on the longest canopy walk in Africa!

  • First off, this walk taught me not to always take decisions based on the fears of others. I wouldn’t have lived that wonderful experience if I had lived off the fear that I’ll fall down or that the view would be scary because others said it was! The view was MAGNIFICENT I was in AWE of God’s creation. You should be too!
  • Being on the highest point of the canopy walk made me realize how little we are when looking down. Just to put in perspective God’s view when looking at His children. I just wondered how over 1 billion humans on earth would look like on His eyes, and how he knows us each by our names.
  • As much as we have been told of the earth’s eco system and all that revolves round it while in the science and agriculture class in school. It was just more beautiful to stand at the top and take it all in! The trees, the site of the birds, the noises the birds make, with the breeze sweeping my face and the tranquility in all. It was all so beautiful! And to think of how we all co-exist to keep each other alive (humans producing carbon-dioxide which the trees feed off, and the trees produces oxygen which we feed off). The tanquility at the top just makes so many thoughts run through your mind.
  • Walking to the 7th canopy stand (end point) made me realize that if you can dream it, and believe it, you can achieve it!

You should really have this experience if you haven’t. And maybe go on a weekday because that’s when you’d have less crowd and be able to admire nature!!  CLICK HERE to find out more about Lekki Conservation centre (location, price, open hours).

Below, is a short video I made of my walk, watch and enjoy!

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“Do not constrain yourself to the fears of others”


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