Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]atch a short video of myself getting ready to go out for lunch, and YES! you’d get to see me without makeup, this video was shot last year December tho, but I never really had time to edit it, even after editing it, it took me time to upload it, and this was because I was procrastinating too much, also coupled with workplace stress. Although, I need someone to help me brush up my video making skills, YouTube skills, and all that skills needed to have a good YouTube channel… I NEED MORE TUTORIALS

Plixx epp…

After watching the video, do let me know what you think about it, and how I can improve, please I’m VERY open to learning more. Do not also forget to SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this, click HERE to do so.

Watch and enjoy the video.

Song by Muyiwa- African Woman (Fela Remix),  click here to visit his Sound Cloud.

So much of what you are is where you have been.

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  1. Bola

    Go girl! This is awesome.

    1. thefisayo

      Aaaww I appreciate this!

  2. Anonymous


  3. Hey Fisayo 🙂 Saw your tag on LinkedIn. You are doing a great job here well done! I had to comment on this particular article because I also have a Youtube Channel I started close to 3 months ago…. I post DIY Ankara Crafts video. You should check it out so we can learn from each other. *winks

    1. thefisayo

      Nice!, thanks

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