Book of The Month : “31 Days of Wisdom”

Book of The Month : “31 Days of Wisdom”

Mike Murdock

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have not actually been privileged to be under Mike Murdock’s teachings, but I  have read his books severally, and I know he is heavy on the teachings of wisdom.

This is one book I read, that just kept me thinking of how much I needed to share this amount of wisdom and knowledge with people. It’s a book written by Dr. Mike Murdock. Michael Dean “Mike” Murdock is an American Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter, televangelist and pastor of the Wisdom Center ministry based in Haltom City, Texas.

Unlike the first book I reviewed, this book wasn’t given to me as a gift, I came across it in my mum’s library, and I started a journey of 31 days of wisdom. At this point I just felt a need to read a book, and the Title got me! I mean I want to be wiser, who in his good mind doesn’t want to be?!

31 Days of wisdom is a small book divided into 31 chapters, each representing the 31 days. The quotes under each chapters varies from 4 – 6. So you get to read 4 or 5 quotes of wisdom to get you started for the day. You could count it as a devotional if you wish, but it’s simply quotes, POWERFUL quotes.

I’d be sharing chapters 1-3 with you guys, but I suggest you get yourself a copy and do not stop here with what I’m going to share.

Day1- Assignment

  • Your assignment is always the problem God has designed you to solve for others.
  • An Uncommon Assignment Attracts an Uncommon Adversary.
  • Divine Provision is Only Guaranteed at the Place of Your Assignment.
  • You Will Never Be Promoted Until you become over qualified for your present assignment.

Day 2- Bible

  • The only part of the Bible that is working for you, is the only part you have chosen to believe.
  • Study your Bible… to know God. Study Reactions… to know people. Study opportunities.. To know your assignment.
  • The word of God is The Wisdom of God.
  • Your reaction to the word of God is a picture of your respect For God.

Day 3 – Conversation

  • Those who ask questions determine the quality of every conversation.
  • Your seed is a conversation with God.
  • Every Miracle Begins with a Conversation.
  • Disappointment is a conversation about your future.
  • Every Conversation Gives Birth.. to Something; Perception, change, Doubt, Faith.

I’d add an extra chapter for you guys, I just hope you get a copy, so you can meditate on this words on your own.

Day 15 – Ideas

  • Uncommon Pain produces uncommon ideas.
  • Happy people are wonderful for relationships. Unhappy people are marvelous resources for ideas.
  • Happy voices birth energy. Unhappy voices Birth ideas.
  • A divine Idea is not a divine instruction!
  • Ideas… 1. Create a tomorrow room (pictures of future goals), 2. Chose one topic to master 3. Keep a list of questions.

Towards the end of the book Mike went ahead highlighting; the decisions that decide your prosperity, 7 kinds of people who always fail, 7 things money cannot buy, master key to doubling your finances, 7 laws that control your success, and so many more.

Below are the 7 master keys to doubling your finances:

  1. Atmosphere: Create An Environment That keeps you motivated.
  2. Attitude: Solve Problems Cheerfully.
  3. Difference: Solve a problem nobody else wants to solve.
  4. Adaptation: Be Easy and Flexible to work around.
  5. Conversation: Make every conversation meaningful.
  6. Passion: Stay in the center of what you love to do.
  7. Seed: Sow Honor and Integrity into your environment.

Just to add to this, of recent in my church the topic has been “what to sell”, the pastor made mention that “money is a means through which value is exchanged” . Money will come to you when you meet people’s needs. It’s funny how this is so true, the Richest men and women in Nigeria and in the World today are in the business of meeting people’s needs.

Dangote meets our need for food, Mark Zuckerberg meets the need for social networking, Tony Elumelu is a philanthropist, Mike Adenuga and more of them are not in the business for just themselves, but in the business to meet the needs of others. Meeting the needs of others might have started out has a passion for them, which generated into something big.

Writing this, is a whole new episode for me, it feels like I haven’t read the book, you’d be surprised how much God will reveal to you when you meditate or re-read something you have read before. You can get a copy of this book on Amazon.

Money…Is Not A Miracle. Money is The Reward For Solving Problems.


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