10 tourist attractions and resorts in Lagos Nigeria that are NOW OPEN

10 tourist attractions and resorts in Lagos Nigeria that are NOW OPEN

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30th of March 2020 is the day many might look back and say DAMN YOU.

It was the day the lockdown in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria began.

Ever since the lockdown began globally, it is no news that many businesses have closed down, and alot of staff have been laid of due to insufficient funds to continue paying salary for many.

In my recent article, I shared  the UNWTO report and analysis of COVID-19 on the tourism industry.

It was shared that  100 Million – 200 Million jobs are currently at risk.

This is one of the reasons I made sure I launched my travel blogging course in May to help youths, laid off staff and other travel bloggers start and grow a sustainable travel business online.

As boarders and airports are now opening, destinations are putting in place safety measures in anticipation of tourists.

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Everyone – including myself are unsure of which destination to visit and which is open to receiving tourists.

Since the pandemic started, wanderlust adventurous loving tourist have been looking forward to the moment destinations and boarders will be made open.

I am here to bless you with the information you have been seeking!

This article would be great for you if you are in search of the following:

  1. Where you can go in Lagos now
  2. Things to do in Lagos now
  3. The most beautiful place in Lagos

Before you go ahead, I want you to know that I personally reached out to these destinations to get the following information from them.

Below are a list of tourist attractions and resorts in that are now open.

Resorts in Lagos Nigeria:

  1. Laguna Beach Resort:

This is a new beach I just discovered at the beginning of 2019, it is right next to Atican beach. 

After I asked them if they had new safety measures in place to prevent the spead of COVID 19, this was their feedback;
  • We regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces and practice social distance among the staffs and our cabana’s.
  • You must put on your face mask and use the sanitizer at the entrance of the beach. 

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Gate fee is ₦1,000 on weekends and ₦500 on week days.

Operating schedule 10am – 10pm weekdays & 9am – 11pm weekend. 

For more on Laguna beach, click here to read my previous post on the beach resort.

CLICK HERE to book or send an email to travel@travcp.com.


2. HOV Beach House:

Photo Credit: HOV Beach Resort

This beach house is exclusive and it is rented as a whole, which provides much needed privacy.

It is one of the best and most cost effective for group bookings.

It has 6 en-suite bedrooms, all packages come with transportation to & fro.

Day package 10am – 6pm is ₦500,000 (up to 30 people)
Overnight package 7pm – 8am is ₦600,000 (up to 30 people).
24hr package 12pm – 9am is ₦850,000 (up to 30 people).
Per extra 10 people + transportation will cost ₦50,000

This cost is exclusive of food and drinks which can be provided at an additional cost.

CLICK HERE to book or send an email to travel@travcp.com.


3. La campagne Tropicana:

La cLa campagne Tropicana Beach Resorts, gate fee , prices resorts in lagos, resorts in nigeriaampagne Tropicana Beach Resorts

This is a great beach resort in Lagos. And I particularly like this resort because of how well it embodies and sells Nigerian culture and beauty.

For more on the resort, click here to read a full review I wrote about the resort, or watch the video below.


As far as safety measures go, I was told that Hand Sanitizers are kept in several locations for for guests.

CLICK HERE to book or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

4. Chaka Resort Eleko Beach:

Photo Credit: ThatToKeLady

This is resort perfect for Day-cations, parties and more.

New safety measures are:

  • Customers are to come with their face-masks
  • Group visits are not to be more than 20
  • They operate 24/7 hotel service. But day beach visits are expected to leave by 10PM max

CLICK HERE to book or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

5. Jara Beach Resort:

Photo Credit: Busayo Travels

Jara Beach Resort is a perfect destination for honey moon, and relaxation from the busy Lagos Lifestyle.

It is another resort that embodies the Nigerian culture and I love that!

The resort is open 24/7 .

All visits must be pre-booked.

I was told that they were approved by Lagos State Safety Commission to open.

They are one of the first registered businesses in Lagos to be approved.

Below are the new safety measures thy have in place.

  • All guests will have temperature checked and hands sanitized on arrival.

  • Any guest with a temperature over 38 degrees will be refused access and directed to the Lagos State Covid-19 helpline.

  • Guests are expected to arrive wearing a protective face mask, and also in designated areas within the property.

  • Hand sanitizer are located in communal areas and personal provisions made in-room.

  • Social distancing will be enforced including the separation of dining tables and sun-beds/ deckchairs.

  • A maximum of 20 overnight and day guests.

  • All staff will wear face masks/ shields.

  • All guests (over 18yrs old) will need to sign a Covid-19 related waiver outlining and committing them to their operational obligations.

  • Venues are thoroughly disinfected between bookings.

  • Bookings continue to be in advance only, no walk-ins.

  • They remain a cashless business.

6. Barracuda Beach Resort:

This resort has been unable to provide me with information on their safety measures, but I can confirm that they are now open.

CLICK HERE to book or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

Click here for more on resorts in Lagos.

Art Galleries in Lagos

  1. Nike Art Gallery:

    This art gallery has one of the largest art collections in Nigeria.
    It is a super beautiful places that speaks alot about Nigeria and her culture.

    The video below should provide more insights on what the gallery is like. 


CLICK HERE to make bookings or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

2. Rele Art Gallery:

The art gallery is only open to appointments within the hours of 10am – 2pm. 
CLICK HERE to make bookings or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

3. Red Door Art Gallery:

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This art gallery is located in Victoria Island, and it is open to appointments only.

There is limit on 5 guests at a time.

For more on this gallery, click here.

4.Lekki Art Market:

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This is a popular art market  that is great for purchasing various types of art.

I wrote a short review on the market in a previous article, click here to read.

For more on other art galleries in Lagos, click here to read an extensive review I wrote about the galleries I visited.
CLICK HERE to book an art tour round Lagos or send an email to travel@travcp.com.

Below are other places now open in Lagos and here are things you can do.

Fun things to do in Lagos Nigeria

  1. Visit Onikan house:

    This is a great place to visit discover more about Lagos’s history. I thought I knew Nigeria’s history until I visited this place.

    I got a glimpse of so much more I did not know about Nigeria.

    The previous video above should show you more about the Onikan House.

    Safety Rules:
    – Limit of 10 – 15 tourists.
    – Tourists will be advised to tour in batches of 3 or 4 while others will sit in the courtyard waiting for the first group to be done.
    -For events 10 – 15 people inside and outside.

    They also rent indoor and out door spaces to people  for small events like film screening, book read, book launch, educational events, corporate events, talk programs , photo shoots, exams, group tour events and so on.

    It depends on what the client wants.

    You can rent it for the day but not more than 15 people will be allowed in the premises at a time so you can arrange them in batches if they are more than 15 since you will have the place for the day.

    Alternatively, you can pay per person for just the tour of the building and sit in the court yard for refreshments. 

  2. Ride ATV:

    This service is located on water corporation Road Victoria island (same street as Hard Rock Cafe) at the end of the road right next to trinity church.

    They have a quad bike track 25,000 Sqm and also direct beach access at their location.

    Below are their NEW prices:

    – Track ride 1 lap ₦3000 (10 mins)
    – 2 laps ₦4000 (last 15 minutes)
    – 20 mins ride ( track ride): ₦6000
    CLICK HERE to book.

  3. Omu Resort

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    Although Omu resort is yet to open, it hopes to open on the 18th of July 2020.

    For more information on this recreational resort, click here to read a full review, or watch the video below.

If you are still thinking of how you can have fun in Lagos during this period, send an email to  travel@travcp.com to make more inquires.

Now your verdict, tell me what you thought of this list in the comment section below.

Which have you visited and which would you like to visit?

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  1. Well done. Great list. But I am wondering how clean are the restorts and beaches. The last time I was at La Champagne the toilets were filthy sadly.So I will think 10times before I think of such a place again. The last time I went to a beach also around the places you stated here. The environment was littered.

    I will suggest thus that to give guest more confidence about what is available we could should hygienic related parts that are TRUE not just for picture here. If not eventually when guest get there and they don’t see what is shown here? They will loose them.

    So what do I mean to be shown. More so now as a competitive edge?

    Kitchens, toilet facilities, the environment cleanliness?

    Everyone generally show a bedroom, lobby, reception area? Assuming all clean?

    But what about the “hidden” areas like I listed above beyond putting sanitised, etc.

    Thank you for all the info. And keep up this great work.

    1. thefisayo

      Hmm, this is a really good feedback.

      Thank you for this. This would be included next time.

  2. Weldone Fisayo. Very well articulated. I should visit one of those beaches very soon.

    1. thefisayo

      Aww, thank you so much!

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