I am THEFISAYO, a Nigerian Travel & Tourism blogger/content creator  seeking for three things with the content I create; 1. To advocate for the developement of Tourism in NIgeria, 2. To put Nigeria on the map of viable destinations to visit in the world, 3. To Change the African narrative.  I currently do this with my site (www.thefisayo.com), YouTube (www.youtube.com/thefisayo), TV, and I recently started a podcast called “The Big Dreamers”  aimed to build a community of big dreamers around the world (http://bit.ly/TheFisayoPodcast).

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What is my 2019 goal for TheFisayo?

One of my 2019 goals is to be referenced as one of the best / top 5  travel blogs in Africa by 2019, for authentic information on travel and lifestyle.

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“Do not wait for something to happen, make it happen.”