Hello! My name is Oluwafisayo Olayinka-Bello, I hold a B.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. First off, I do not think my course of study defines my path in life. To me, it’s just a platform that sets me up for better opportunities. Of course, that’s the essence of education. However, I still found my course of study really interesting in school and it appears a lot broader than the general view about it. I’m Christian, and I try to put God first in everything.

Way out of my corporate personality, I’m a professional makeup artist. It dates back to my university days, 200 level to be precise. Wouldn’t want to dabble into the long story behind this, maybe we’d talk about it some other time. LOL… Apologies if my introduction appears too formal, it’s just what happens when you have written several cover letters applying to companies for a job offer.

One interesting thing about me is the fact that I love to travel. I also read a lot for personal development. I draw my inspiration for reading from one of Albert Einstein’s quotes, he said; “once you stop learning, you start dying. I’m quite conscious about the way I appear, particularly, my skin. This justifies the reason why i spend a lot of money on skin products. Trust me; I would definitely share with you the products that have really helped me in this regard.

I started this blog out of my desire to share the things I have learnt with people, and to inspire you all with beautiful pictures and content. My blog will inspire your lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travels, and you will find me talking about my Nation, Nigeria. That’s not all, also get set to be inspired from the book reviews I’d share with you.

Finally, if there’s something you should know about me, it’s the fact that I’m very passionate about my country, Nigeria. #Iwillvote2019.

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“Do not wait for something to happen, make it happen.”